Replacing the Fuel Gauge Sender

I was so proud of my self last summer, because I had repaired the old fuel gauge sender with some JB Weld.  The bracket that connects at 90 degrees to the circular piece that connects to the tank had broken.  Well, it took one year for the JB Weld to give out.

Failed attempt to fix sender with JB Weld

I bought a new one from Spitbits.  The only tricky thing about installing it was that the little tangs that align it were not bent in enough, and it wouldn’t slide in.  I had to bend them slightly in to get it to install.  I am pointing to the tangs with the tip of a sharpie below

Both these tangs had to be bent in slightly

There was quite a thread this past week on wiring of these senders on the triumphexperience forum, complete with various pictures of different wiring setups.,706062

New sender installed

One minor lesson learned – when you order these from, they come with the gasket.  I ordered the sender and a gasket, and now have an extra gasket….



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One Response to Replacing the Fuel Gauge Sender

  1. Ken says:

    I wish I would have looked this up the other day. I too had to replace my sender unit while attempting to restore my Spitfire and had a heck of a time getting the new unit (from Spitbits) into the tank. I finally bent the prongs in a little and that did it. I also made the mistake of ordering a separate gasket and now have a spare that I cannot return. I ordered it years ago in preparation to actually do this work.
    Nice blog, I’ll be reviewing a number of your posts since I am doing a lot of the same work. Thanks for putting this out here!

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